A decision for WordPress

Words, pictures, videos, audio files
– completely freely combinable

It has never been easier to present your own interests with the help of coordinated media in a bite-size manner for the respective target group on your own broadcasting station. On our website we are our own editor-in-chief, who can assign user roles and decide when, what and how he wants to publish it.

The pre-installed pagebuilder: Gutenberg

The WordPress core team had a dream. WordPress users should be able to create faster, more flexible, media-rich pages and posts – completely without programming knowledge, as intuitively applicable and distraction-free as possible.

Said. Done. Successfully?

Without having explained the most important blocks in the so-called Gutenberg editor, could you get started? Did you find your way? To where and when did it become stressful or boring to click through?

Practice makes the excellence

As is so often the case in life, it is experience that moves us forward. We can not only describe what we have tried ourselves better, but also apply it more easily while keeping our bearings.

Even the best relationship works, as
does WordPress

With every attempt to try out everything within WordPress as well as the Gutenberg editor, you will appreciate the opportunities presented more and more. Sooner or later you will reach the limits of the detailed settings with the WordPress board resources, then do not despair, ask Anja.

I love WordPress because it encourages
us the freedom to share creativity

WordPress would not be WordPress if it only performed with your own PageBuilder. There are countless ways to expand the range of functions. Google likes it. Walt Disney likes it. And you?

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