Anja Zörner graduated from the LMU Munich in 2013 with a degree in German Studies. When did she publish her first blog? In 2003. That’s how early she became involved with expressing feelings through language – once in the form of poems.

At the time, she was understandably super proud and happy when her German teacher left a praise in the guestbook. At some point, however, she experienced disrespectful negative feedback from pubescent teenagers around her. After that she closed with this chapter. She then abandoned this first website in the early 00s.

Since 2011 she decided for the domain, undertook many attempts, in order to create from this much ridiculed, special name a Blog, which is gladly read – last 2020. Topically in Q4 2022 it is to go on here. Her courage is great to try again under the new name

This website is a heart project, comes from the heart and is addressed to a feeling public.

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