About me

Anja Zörner completed her German studies at the LMU Munich in 2013. When did she publish her first blog? That was already in 2003.

That’s how early on she was concerned with the expression of feelings through language, once in the form of poems. Back then she was understandably super proud and happy when her German teacher left a praise in the guestbook.

At some point, however, she received negative feedback from pubescent teenagers in her environment. Afterwards she closed with this chapter. Her first website fell asleep and at some point it was deleted.

Approximately since 2011 she owns the Aus Liebe Blog, took many attempts to create a blog out of this much smiled, special name, which is read with pleasure. Her courage is great to try again. There is only one thing that makes her no longer want to put this format in a drawer. It comes from the heart and is addressed to people of the heart.